Coffee Mugs and Dry Beans

How do I keep my brushes organized when working? If they don’t fit into my binder clip holders, where do they end up? What about mixing up clean and dirty brushes?

Solution: Two coffee mugs and dry beans

Mugs: the wider the better and best if they don’t match

Beans: best are larger varieties such as kidney. Smaller ones tend to bounce out of the  mug

One mug is for clean, unused brushes, after they become part of the biting session, they move to the dirty mug. By having 2 distinctively different ones you help avoid accidentally mixing them when painting.

I jokingly call my mugs “tombstones of previous employment”. The Perdomo mug was a gift from my time as the in-house designer with an e-commerce retailer. The Elephant mug is near and dear to me, as it was given to me by my old boss from a coffee shop I worked at during my early 20’s. I loved my time there, quite possibly my favorite place of employment ever. I was so sad when I accidentally dropped it one day and while I tried to glue it back together, it was never safe for beverage consumption again. After filling it with dried beans, it got a second lease on life as my “Clean Brush” Caddy. Now I can’t help but smile whenever I reach for a new brush.